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Deal of the Month ! Ultra Premium cards for less than 40 cents each !!!

pricing includes: Layout, Printing, and shipping to your door !

Painted Edge!

This card is a sturdy, ultra thick, 32pt with plenty of room on the edge for featuring color accents. Choose from a selection of eye-catching metallics, vivid colors,

or classic white. Create an unmistakably bold and solid statement.

Raised Holographic Foil!

Suede with Raised Foil adds a flash of brilliance to suede cards that you can see and feel. The combination of raised foil contrasted with the velvety smooth suede foundation creates a tactile experience that customers can see and feel. Metallic embossed effects can enhance amazing detail in images, special accents, and logos. The Suede Cards are printed on 16pt card stock, laminated on both sides with 1.5mil scuff resistant, soft velvet laminate, which give them a

substantial thickness of 19pt.

Raised UV!

Suede Raised Spot UV Cards feature smooth glossy raised areas that contrast beautifully with the Suede/Soft Touch Laminate foundation of the cards. This product will make you the envy of all your competitors, and your customers will be thrilled with all of the compliments they receive on their classy new cards. Suede Raised Spot UV Cards are real game changers for folks who want to exude style, elegance and class.

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